Testimonial Letter From Uganda Missionaries

Dear family and friends,


Warm regards and love to you all from us all here in Tropical Uganda!  Blessings!


The LORD woke me up this morning at around 5:30am, to write this letter to you all to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for everything you’ve all done for the ministry and for us all. My heart was taken back from the time we started this work to today. I started reflecting on everything we’ve seen God do. My heart was totally overwhelmed with the goodness of God.


On the behalf of everyone here and on my own behalf, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for all your prayers, financial support, some of you came and visited us to see what the LORD has done. Times I have been to States, you’ve hosted me to your lovely and warm homes. You’ve fed me, clothed me, and supplied all my needs. Each time I have been ready to return to Uganda, you filled my bags with goods to bring to God’s people here. You filled my wallet with some money to bless the work here, to bless God’s people and my dear family.


Over the years, we’ve taken care of so many orphans feeding them, clothing them, paying for their education and medical treatment. We’ve taken care of the elderly and needy people. We have clothed the poor. Through our mobile medical outreaches, we have treated so many who would have died from different infections. Because of the poor economy, many would not even afford to pay for their medical bills. We have repaired homes for the poor and the elderly.


So much has happened over the years, and we  would not have been able to do it all alone. Your prayers, financial support and generosity, has continued to make a huge difference and impact in our lives. I would like to say thank you. Thank you for giving to make our lives and the lives of all those we’ve ministered to better. I know that many of you may never get a chance to come to Uganda, but when we get to heaven, you will see so many faces there who will be praising God that they made it to heaven because you prayed and also gave. Many souls have been saved, touched, and transformed because of your prayers and financial support. All this has happened because of your loving actions done. You’ve made the world around us better through your love. Thank you, thank you. Thank you for praying and for giving. We are so grateful. On the behalf of everyone here, on the behalf of my dear family and on my own behalf, we want to say thank you so much.  Many blessings to you all. God bless you all abundantly in all your endeavors in seeking and serving Him.


David and Goretti Waako.